Outline and Characteristics of the University

Enacted on March 19,2009

Joetsu University of Education, fully recognizing the universal role of universities to contribute to the development of the welfare, the culture, and the knowledge of mankind, hereby establishes the Mission Statement for the purpose of making further progress as a university undertaking teacher education and re-education while developing our state-of-the-art research in education.

Joetsu University of Education aims to foster teachers as educators with "creativity," a "sense of mission," and a "love for mankind."

Joetsu University of Education, located here in an educational community blessed with rich nature, history, and culture, with a deep understanding and love of education, seeks to achieve teacher education rooted in the local community.

Educational Objectives:

-We will encourage our students to be teachers with excellent educational skills who understand educational philosophy, methods, human growth, and their development.

-We will respect the individuality of our students and provide careful instructions on educational research according to their personalities.

-We will make efforts to provide opportunities for both our teachers and our students hoping to be teachers to learn together, and thus to enhance their capabilities in practical teaching.

Research Objectives:

-In the various disciplines of institutional pedagogy, aiming at integrating both theoretical and practical research, we will promote state-of-the-art interdisciplinary research.

-Recognizing the issues in practical situations, we will promote research based on real educational scenarios.

Contribution to Society:

-Utilizing the excellent environment of the local community, we will disseminate information on the outcomes of our educational research not only within the country but also to Asia and other parts of the world.

-As the center of academic culture, we will return the fruits of our educational research to society while creating opportunities with the local community to learn from each other.

-We will contribute to enrichment and development of global teacher education through partnerships with higher education institutions abroad.

The University's Administrative Foundations:

-We provide a safe and pleasant environment for all members of our university in which they can fully demonstrate their personalities and capacities in their activities while respecting each others' identities.

-As an open university, we seek to disseminate our information on education, research, and administration, so that we will be able to fulfil our accountability in society.


Joetsu University of Education