1. Courses Related to Human Education

These courses empirically deepen understanding of human beings, which is at the foundation of all education. At the same time, they view such understanding from the perspective of various fields, i.e., nature, society, different cultures, art and life.

2. Mutual Communication

Students obtain an understanding of children's learning activities from expression and communication through media such as language, art and information, and learn specific methods to support it.

3. Bridge Courses I and II

These courses serve as bridges to high school education and vocational education related to specialized fields.

4. Education Practice

These classes emphasize practical learning related to the teaching profession in order to increase capabilities for practical teaching and guidance. Students learn about teaching methods in various subjects and student counseling.

5. Practice Subject of School Instruction Practice

Subject to confirm that he or she has mastered knowledge and skills necessary for a teacher.

6. Specialized Courses

These classes develop overall skills for solution of problems and adaptation in all teaching situations, as needed for dealing with the complex issues in contemporary society.

7. Graduate Research

Through such research, students intensively pursue knowledge on specific subjects in specialized courses and compile the results.


Joetsu University of Education