About Our Courses (Domains)

The following courses (domains) are designed to allow students to develop a comprehensive understanding covering elementary school education as a whole, thus acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for elementary school teachers. They also allow students to specialize further in a specific field to develop their abilities, with a focus on secondary school education.

From their second year on, students join courses (domains) based on both their personal preferences and their grades in their first year. The classes to be taken to earn credits are set accordingly for each of these courses (domains).

Curriculum Specialization Course Domain
Teacher Training Courses for Elementary and Early Childhood Education Specialization in Schooling Practical Schooling Practical Subject Education
Practical Classroom Management
New Subjects & Domain Learning Elementary School English
Programming Education
Interdisciplinary Education
Learning Support
Modern Educational Issues Learning Clinic & Research on Teaching
Development & Educational Collaboration
Moral Education & Student Guidance
Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education
Psychological Clinic Clinical Psychology
Composition of Educational Content Japanese
Social Studies
Health & Physical Education
Industrial Arts
Home Economics


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