The College of Education provides "eacher training courses for elementary and early childhood education." The College endeavors to deepen overall understanding in all aspects of such education, instill the temperament needed by teachers, and impart the requisite skills. To heighten expertise in specific fields, it offers four courses in school education, and five specialized subject fields of education as finishing courses.

A selection is made of the specialized courses at the start of the second year, based on the student's desires and first-year performance.

Classification Enrollment in specialized courses
(number of students)
Teacher Training Courses for Elementary and Early Childhood Education School of Education Clinical Study of School Education About 31
Clinical Psychology About 6
Early Childhood Education
About 9
Teacher Professional Development About 14
Specialized Subject Fields of Education Language Education About 23
Social Studies Education About 14
Science Education About 18
Music and Fine Arts Education About 18
Living and Health Sciences Education About 27
Grand Total (Admission Capacity) 160


Joetsu University of Education