Entrance Information (for international students)
Application guidance for Joetsu University of Education research students (for international students at their own expense)

Application guidelines for international research students for 2018 admission (Privately financed international students)

Joetsu University of Education (hereafter "our university") accepts research students (non-degree, privately financed international students) on the basis of the following guidelines. Research students are those who study on a specific subject at our university.

1.  Eligibility
Applicants who have acquired a Japanese proficiency as a level of understanding lectures of universities given with Japanese language, and who meet one of the following requirements, are eligible.
(1) Those who have completed 16 years of formal school education in countries other than Japan.
(2) Those who have completed their undergraduate work and obtained a bachelor's degree or can be recognized by our university as having an equivalent level of education.

2.  Enrollment time and period of research
(1) Enrollment time
  April or October
(2) The period of research
  The period of research is up to one year or until the end of a fiscal year. In certain cases, if a research student wants to continue studying as a research student at our university, it can be extended for up to a maximum of one more year, subject to approval.

3.  Application procedure

Each applicant must contact his / her prospective academic advisor and ask him / her for consent in advance. You cannot apply without the prior consent of an academic advisor.

Please look for a suitable academic advisor in our university website: (http://www.juen.ac.jp/). You can check our faculty members' research fields on the page of faculty profiles, professors teaching at Joetsu University of Education (http://staff.juen.ac.jp/search/index.html).

(1) How to apply

After obtaining your advisor's consent, you need to send or hand in the submission documents (see below 3) to the specified delivery address (see below 9) by the submission deadline (If you are in outside of Japan, please send by EMS). We will send a "certificate of payment for screening fee" to applicants who are selected by document screening (see below 4). Please make sure you pay 9,800 JP yen and send or hand in certificate of payment. If you are living outside Japan, please ask the International Exchange Team about how to pay the screening fee.

(2) The submission deadline
The enrollment time Submission deadline Open hours
April, 2018

Applicants living outside of Japan:
Friday, November 17, 2017.
Applicants living in Japan:
Friday, February 2, 2018.

8:30 AM ~ 5:15 PM
Except Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays and from December 29 to January 3.
October, 2018 Applicants living outside of Japan:
Friday, May 18, 2018.
Applicants living in Japan:
Monday, July 23, 2018.

(3) Document submission
As for the certificate written in the language other than Japanese, make sure to attach a Japanese translation.
1) Application form for enrollment for research students (Form 1)
2) Joetsu University of Education investigation form for research students (international students) (Form 2)
3) The academic advisor application form (Form 3)
4) Letter of recommendation (Form 4)
5) Certificate of (prospective) graduation / completion of the last school you attended. (original)
6) Transcripts of academic records of the last school you attended (original).
7) One of the following certification, each of them is required in 2 years before application.
Letter of results of JLPT-Japanese Language Proficiency Test-N2 (former class 2) or above and certificate of JLPT
Certificate and grade report of practical Japanese test (level A-D) (J-test) pre-level B or above.
Score report of Examination for Japanese University admission for international students (EJU) (Japanese language) 270 points or above
8) Copy of family register or certificate of place of residence (citizenship) which is issued by a public agency of the applicant's country
9) Copy of the page with applicant's photo from his or her own passport
10) Certificate of graduation and certificate of academic degree, issued by graduation university (only for Chinese applicants)
※ Applicants from the People's Republic of China additionally need to submit Verification Report of China Higher Education Qualification Certificate issued by China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center.
11) Written consent from the head of your workplace (only incumbents)

4.  Selection process
Applicants will be selected through 2 steps:

Japanese speaking proficiency test (on phone etc)


Documents review (if necessary, a practical exam and an interview are required)

5.  Announcement of the result
We will inform the result of selection to all applicants. A notice of acceptance and documents related to enrollment procedures will be sent to the successful applicant.

6.  Enrollment procedure
The successful applicants must pay an entrance fee of 84,600 JP yen and complete the enrollment procedure within the designated period. If the enrollment procedure is not completed appropriately within the period, you cannot enter our university. We will send an acceptance letter to the successful applicant who completed the enrollment procedure.

7.  Tuition fees
We will send a tuition fee payment slip to the person who gained admission to our university at the beginning of April or October. Make sure to pay at the post office or the bank within the designated period.
(1) Tuition fee: 29,700 JP Yen × the registered months at our university
The price of tuition fee is for the enrolled students in Academic year 2017 / 2018. It might be revised in the future.
(2) Time limit of payment:
Entrance in April― April 27, 2018
Entrance in October― October 31, 2018
(3) In cases where the tuition fee is amended during enrollment, the new tuition fee shall be applied.

8.  Others
(1) If you write false information on documents, the enrollment may be cancelled even after the entrance date.
(2) Any candidate or student considered to be inappropriate to hold the status of research student shall be expelled from our university.
(3) You need to buy some insurance for learning and living.

9.  Inquiries (the delivery address and inquiries)
1,Yamayashiki-machi, Joetsu-shi, Niigata-ken 943-8512 Japan
International Exchange Section of the Research Cooperation Office,
Joetsu University of Education

Tel: +81(0)25-521-3299, Fax: +81(0)25-521-3621, E-mail: ryugaku@juen.ac.jp


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