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Short-term Student Exchange Promotion Program
(Special) Studies of Overseas Education
Overseas Field Study
Other Study Abroad and Training Abroad Programs

As for study abroad by the students of this University, they mainly study at partner universities based on the Short-term Student Exchange Program.
And also, to train a teacher who has a mindset oriented to understanding of other cultures, the university offers programs of (Special) Studies of Overseas Education where students study at partner universities in other countries for short term and of Overseas Field Study.
The International Exchange Office offers counseling services for other types of study abroad.

Short-term Student Exchange Promotion Program

Students depart from August to November and study abroad for at least 6 months but no more than 12 months.


Under this program, students receive a scholarship of 60,000~80,000 JP yen per month during the study term depend on the country (without any repayment obligation).

Application Period and Method

A notice of details will be posted on the bulletin board outside Room 301 in the Lecture Building.

Method of Selection

Selections are made based on the results of an interview exam and health checking in the university.

Handling of Tuition Fees and Credits Earned during Study Abroad

Students sent to partner universities are exempt from payment of tuition fees at those universities.

For each partner university, there is an adviser for liaison.

The advisers are prepared for consultation about study abroad, language learning, life and study in the host country.

Actual Data for Study Abroad
Countries Universities 2013 school year 2014 school year 2015 school year 2016 school year 2017 school year
Taiwan National Hsinchu University of Education   1      
Czech Republic Charles University in Prague     1 1 1
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Namaste Nepali Language Institute P.Ltd.   1      
United States of America Richmond Elementary School     1 1  
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland University of Leeds 1        
United States of America Southeast Missouri State University 1        
China Harbin Normal University       1  
Actual Data for Study Abroad

(Special) Studies of Overseas Education

The objective of this program is to have students come into direct contact with the actual circumstances of education in other counties and their cultural background through short-term stays, deepen their understanding of different educational institutions and curricula, and acquire the broad perspective, deep knowledge, and rich humanity required of an educator.

Period of Implementation

About 10 days during vacation

Class Subjects / Host Countries
Undergraduate Subjects related human education / Understanding of different culture: 2 credits

Studies of Overseas Education B (2018: United States of America)
Studies of Overseas Education C (2018: Korea)

Graduate Major subject / Subjects related to clinical studies of school: 2 credits

(Special) Studies of Overseas Education B (2018: United States of America)
(Special) Studies of Overseas Education C (2018: Korea)

Class Subjects / Host Counties

Overseas Field Study

This objective is to provide the training place which meets the purposes of graduate students in the overseas field of education. The opportunity to experience a different culture and implement comparative study whose filed is school is given by the practice at school (classroom visitations, lesson practice, assistant of teacher, interaction with teachers of school, and interaction with pupils and students), and home stays during stay.

Period of Implementation

Preparation – 3 ~ 4 months

Practice (training at local school) – 1 month (February ~ March)

Ex-post study – 2 ~ 3 months

For details, refer to Syllabus.


Other Study Abroad and Training Abroad Programs

For study abroad and training abroad programs in which students can freely participate such as short-term language study program at partner universities, ask International Exchange Office.


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