Centers, etc.

Center for Educational Research and Praxis

Through maintaining good relationships with schools and local society, the purpose of the center is to improve, contribute to and develop school education by cooperating with university professors, school teachers, university students and other people. The center promotes clinical, practical and developmental research on school problems through understanding school education practice. The center carries out school practicum, develops related research, and promotes supportive relationships with school and local society.

University Health Center

The University Health Center was established to promote and preserve the health of the students, faculty and staff. In order to evaluate the mental and physical health of the staff and students, the doctor and nurses give periodic health examinations as well as guidance and counseling, in addition to administering first aid for various illnesses and injuries.

Center for Information and Multimedia Education

The university established the Center for Information and Multimedia Education for the purpose to carry out comprehensive promotion of information education as well as smooth controlling and operation of the information system and network, in addition to contribute various operations for education, research, management and administrative operations. Along with the policy to achieve these purposes, the Center operates "on-campus LAN system connected to the Internet" and "various operational rooms to support education and research" in order to backup learning, educational and research operations by providing the most updated facilities.

Psychological Counseling Center

The Psychological Counseling Center was established to meet the social needs for psychological clinical consultation. The Center also conducts the education and training of graduate students in this area, and thereby contributies to the promotion of practical education and research in the field of clinical psychology.

Research and Praxis Center for Special Needs Education

This center has been established to conduct scientific research in special needs education, and to promote graduate students' practical skills in the instruction and care of children with disabilities.

International Exchange Center

The International Exchange Center has been established to promote international exchanges of students, enhance educational research, and foster an international perspective among the workforce. This is carried out through cooperation with schools and local communities, all the while taking full advantage of our university's unique characteristics.

The Uehiro Academy of Moral Education [Endowed Research Section]

The Uehiro Academy's aim is for school teachers to practice various teaching methods for their students and promote training and research in moral education, which will become a curriculum subject.


The university has established the Tokyo Satellite Office in Minato Ward, Tokyo, as fundamental facilities for collecting and providing educational research information. This satellite office has been set up aiming to contribute to the progress of education and cooperation with wider society. The facility is offered for implementing various activities such as training, seminars, collecting information concerning entrance exams, and for various meetings including alumni association reunions.

Akakura House for Outdoor Activities

We have built Akakura House for Outdoor Activities in Akakura District of Myoko City for the purpose of enhancing outdoor activities and welfare of students and employees of the university.
The house is located in Myoko Togakushi Mountain Range National Park surrounded by the magnificent nature spreading around Mt. Myoko, where you can take advantage of distinctive characteristics of the four seasons and enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and skiing in limpid air with an amazing view of natural beauty. You can also enjoy a natural hot spring.
Akakura House for Outdoor Activities
Room Name Floor Service
Cafeteria, Lecture and Meeting Room 1 Meals and Meetings (32 Seats)
Lodging Rooms 2 2 Japanese-style Rooms (for 8 Persons), 3 Western-style Rooms (for 24 Persons)
Training Rooms 2 2 Japanese-style Rooms


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