Graduate Program - Divisions, Courses, and Domains

Starting in April of 2019, courses, etc. are planned to be reorganized as shown below.
Note: this plan is currently under discussion with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. As discussions continue, course names and other details may change.

< Professional Degree Program (Graduate School of Teacher Education) >
Teacher Professional Development
Subject Education & Practical Classroom Management
Practical Subject Education
Practical Classroom Management
New Subjects & Domain Development Research
Elementary School English
Programming Education
Interdisciplinary Education & Practical Subject Development
Learning Support
Learning Clinic & Research on Teaching
Global & Comprehensive
ICT & Data Processing
Learning Clinic
Modern Educational Issue Research
Development & Educational Collaboration
Moral Education & Student Guidance

< Master’s Program >
School of Education
Development Support Education
Early Childhood Education
Special Needs Education
School Healthcare
Psychological Clinic
Clinical Psychology
In-Depth Schooling
In-Depth Humanities & Sciences — Japanese
In-Depth Humanities & Sciences — English
In-Depth Humanities & Sciences — Social Studies
In-Depth Humanities & Sciences — Math
In-Depth Humanities & Sciences — Science
In-Depth Humanities & Sciences — Industrial Arts
In-Depth Humanities & Sciences — Home Economics
In-Depth Arts — Music
In-Depth Arts — Art
In-Depth Arts — Health & Physical Education
International Understanding & Japanese Language Education
International Understanding & Japanese Language Education
Teacher Career Support
Teacher Career Development


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