Message from President

Developing Reliable Pedagogical Skills among Educators, and Cultivating Advanced Capabilities as Educational Specialists

<A University That Builds Trust>

From its establishment on October 1, 1978 to the current day, Joetsu University of Education has worked tirelessly to fulfill its social responsibility—its mission—to train school educators with a rich sense of practical leadership, reeducate current educators and conduct varied and high-level research related to education. The university has a history of some 40 years, which is certainly not long, yet we have been recognized for leaving our mark in the educational world.

<Promotion of Education and Research Consistent with the University Charter>

As in the principles shown in the Joetsu University of Education Charter (enacted on March 19, 2009), Joetsu University of Education is dedicating its energies to the cultivation of educators who possess a sense of vocation, a love for their fellow humans, and a creative spirit. In 2008, in addition to existing Master's courses, our Graduate School of Education (Professional Degree Program) was established, and we are working on new initiatives for the cultivation of educators at the graduate school level. For these initiatives, we are receiving widespread cooperation from the boards of education of Niigata Prefecture, Niigata City, Joetsu City, and from other prefectures, and we are doing our utmost to be a practical model for the cultivation of educators for our nation.

Furthermore, we are working hard to promote varied and cutting-edge research related to education. In particular, through promoting advanced academic research while working toward the integration of theoretical research and practical research, we are making an effort to deal with issues that arise in the educational field.

<Vision for Societal Contributions and Cultivation of Educators>

The mainstay of the University's mission is contributing to society. Initiatives involve various educational activities for the children of the community and societal contributions as an education and research institution, and we report our activities and results both within Japan and overseas. Furthermore, along with collaborative agreements with regional government and relevant organizations, we are proactive in arranging collaborations and exchanges with higher education institutions overseas to enhance and develop the education of teachers with an international perspective.

Joetsu University of Education is tireless in its high aspirations for the cultivation of educators, and the entire university will work together for the further enhancement of our education and research, and for societal contributions. I sincerely hope that students who enroll with aspirations to be educators, as well as current teachers wishing to acquire high-level skills, will study at this university and cultivate a superior set of practical skills.

Joetsu University of Education


Joetsu University of Education