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International Conference Talks

20. High distance tangles and tunnel number of knots,
2016 International Conference of the Honam Mathematical Society,Chonbuk National University (Jeonju, Korea),June 2016.

19. Tunnel number of tangles and knots,
International Conference on Topology and Geometry 2013,Shimane University (Shimane, Japan),September 2013.

18. Meridional destabilizing number and connected sums of knots,
The 8th East Asian School of Knots and Related Topics,KAIST (Daejeon, Korea),January 2012.

17. Meridional destabilizing number of knots,
International Conference Japan-Mexico on Topology and its Applications,University of Colima (Colima, Mexico),September 2010.

16. (US Domestic)  Meridionally destabilizing number of knots,
Knotting Around Three Dimensions: A special session in memory of Xiao-Song Lin,UCR (Riverside, US),November 2009.

15. Lens space surgery: orders of fundamental groups versus Seifert genera,
The workshop on 3-manifolds and related topics, East China Normal University (Shanghai, China), July 2009.

14. On some classes of hyperbolic knots with the 3-sphere surgery (joint work with A. Cavicchioli),
The 5th East Asian School of Knots and Related Topics, Gyeongju TEMF Hotel (Gyeongju, Korea), January 2009.

13. Degrees for (1,1)-tunnels of knots,
International Conference on Topology and its Applications 2007, Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan), December 2007.

12. Meridionally destabilizing number and connected sum of knots,
Knotting Mathematics and Art: Conference in Low Dimensional Topology and Mathematical Art,
University of South Florida (Tampa, US), November 2007.

11. On the distance of (1,1)-splittings,
Geometric Topology Conference --Beijing 2007, Peking University (Beijing, China), June 2007.

10. Knots in lens spaces with the 3-sphere surgery,
Geometry and Topology of Low Dimensional Manifolds, (El Burgo de Osma, Spain), September 2006.

9. Composite double torus knots in 3-manifolds,
NZ-Japan Knot Theory conference, University of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand), January 2006.

8. A complexity on (1,1)-splittings of knots,
Osaka University -Asia Pacific- Vietnam National University, Hanoi Forum 2005, (Hanoi, Vietnam), September 2005.

7. On the distance of (1,1)-splittings,
Second East Asian School of Knots and Related Topics, Dalian University of Technology (Dalian, China), August 2005.

6. Dehn surgery on (1,1)-knots in lens spaces which yields the three sphere,
3rd Japan-Mexico Joint Meeting on Topology and its Applications, (Oaxaca, Mexico), December 2004.

5. Dehn surgery and (1,1)-knots in lens spaces,
First KOOK Seminar International for Knot Theory and Related Topics, Awaji Yumebutai (Hyogo, Japan), July 2004.

4. Complexity of Heegaard splittings,
The First East Asian School of Knots, Links and Related Topics, Kyoyuk Munhwa Hoekwan (Seoul, Korea), February 2004.

3. Meridionally incompressible surfaces and (1,1)-splittings,
Japan-Korea School of 3-manifolds, Nara Women's University (Nara, Japan), December 2002.

2. (1,1)-knots as viewed from the curve complex,
Japan-Korea School of 3-manifolds, Nara Women's University (Nara, Japan), December 2002.

1. An introduction of lectures by M. Scharlemann and J. Schultens on generalized Heegaard splittings,
The 9th Japan-Korea School of Knots and Links, Nara Women's University (Nara, Japan), January 2002.

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